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Welcome to Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group.
Your home in real estate.

We don’t just sell houses….
We change lives.

Welcome to The Legacy Group

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Real estate without a direction can be stressful and unprofitable!


It can be tough when you feel like no one is willing to help you take your business to the next level. Our broker knows what it's like to experience bad cultures, a competing broker, turbulent times and trying to re-invent the wheel. It should be easy to make money in an environment you trust.


You deserve a broker who supports you.


Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group is all about changing lives. Our philosophy helps you believe in yourself and succeed. 91% of our agents who made the switch achieved a higher level of success with our office. Your financial success is our highest priority. Our proven, individualized strategies help you reach your personal and professional goals.


You have what it takes to succeed. We can help you get there.


You can start growing right now. Check out our broker’s latest podcast episode to inspire you to reach your potential.

“The reason this company will continue to grow is we know who we are. We know our purpose. And we are reminded by that purpose every single day to help build people’s legacy.”

Our Story

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to become the best version of themselves in order to create their own legacy.

Our legacy began in 2009 when our CEO and Owner Josh Kalinowski struggled during Casper’s economic low. After four years in the real estate industry, working for two brokers and experiencing sixteen closing deals fall through, he knew there had to be a better way to do real estate. 


Kalinowski decided that if he was going to fail, he was going to fail on his own. No longer willing to wait for someone to help him be successful, Kalinowski chose to chase his own success and create The Legacy Group: a company focused on helping agents succeed in order to leave a lasting impact. Kalinowski and his longtime friend and business partner, Ed Toohey, chose to open a Coldwell Banker office in Casper to begin The Legacy Group, knowing the value that the brand would provide.


In the last decade, The Legacy Group expanded to Buffalo and outgrew four locations in Casper. Since 2015, we have employed an in-house marketing team to assist agents in marketing their listings effectively. We have developed the culture that agents need to be successful inside and outside of real estate, and continue to learn, change and expand our tools and resources so our agents can win.


As we continue to overcome economic ups and downs, we risk investing in our people, staff and agents because we believe that proving to others you want them to be successful inspires them become their best in business and life. 


When you believe in something enough to follow through with it, failure is not an option. Together, we are impacting our community. and creating a legacy.

This place will change you, if you let it.

Work hard. Play hard. Give back. Don't gossip

Our mission to our agents

Our company aspires to deliver remarkable service to our agents by providing them the tools, education, leadership, and culture for a successful real estate career. We are committed to continual improvement and strive for excellence.

Our mission to our clients

Our agents aspire to bring passion, honesty, integrity and market intelligence to each and every client so they may experience exceptional service. We do this in order to earn our clients business for life.​

Home to Wyoming's favorite real estate agents

Every year, our agents are voted some of Wyoming's top real estate agents. Our community has voted us one of the top three "Readers' Choice" for real estate since 2019. Here's why.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to become the best version of themselves while creating their own legacy.

Legacies begin with FAMILY​


We desire to create a company that cultivates friendships between our agents, staff and leadership, by building trust, loyalty and support.


We aspire to be the BEST real estate firm. We are committed to challenging ourselves​ to grow personally and professionally, and continually improve in ​the areas of education, knowledge and service to our leadership​, staff and agents​. By doing this we have the opportunity to become the best in the industry.


We commit to be meaningful in our work by giving back to our community through our time and finances. Our actions will enable us to make a genuine difference.


We commit to intentionally growing our team members to become the best versions of themselves through education, leadership opportunities within the company and accountability to each other.


 It is our mission to build lifelong relationships within our office between our team members, partners and clients. We are focused on creating meaningful, lasting relationships.

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