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Everything you need to succeed in real estate is here.

Not one of our agents has ever failed from a lack of support.

Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group’s Tools & Resources

Non-compete broker & staff

Our licensed broker and staff do not actively sell real estate, which means we are fully devoted to your success and helping you grow your business, not our own. Our team provides $15M+ in referrals to our agents every year.

Team atmosphere

Our non-competitive environment means we are a team-oriented office. Agents help other agents win here.

Power in numbers

Our network of 60+ local Wyoming agents as well as our global Coldwell Banker corporate network helps us better serve our clients. We sell 40% of our own listings.

Open-door leadership policy

Our office doors are always open (usually literally, but always figuratively). Our staff and leadership team are happy to help anytime and in any way they can. Our agents feel free to come to any one of us with questions and concerns so that we can find a solution together.

150+ annual training opportunities.

We’ve built a reputation of being one of the best real estate offices for new agents to get trained. We provide a variety of training classes and material on real estate contracts, scripts for talking to buyers and sellers, new listing marketing strategies and more.

Competitive splits

We offer a relevant, competitive Wealth Builder splits program for our agents so that they can build the lifestyle they want.

Congrats! You just got your real estate license…
Now what?

We understand and know the struggles new real estate agents go through on a personal level. We are committed to providing every possible training resource so our agents have the best possible chance of success in this industry.

Training for Newly Licensed Agents & Seasoned Agents

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Buyer & Seller Scripts
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Lead Generation
  • Broker’s Disclosure
  • New Listing Promotion
  • Personal Brand Marketing
  • Real Estate Contracts

Hang your license with the greatest brand power.

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Coldwell Banker is an iconic brand with the #1 most visited real estate site in the country.  Our company offers award-winning commercials, digital tools and platforms to maximize your listing and brand exposure. Learn more about Coldwell Banker’s tools at

As a real estate brokerage that has increased in production, sales, volume, and agent growth every year since 2012, we know what it takes to help you grow.

Start building the business and life you want.

Success Programs

Real estate programs for every stage of your career

Coldwell Banker The Legacy Group is committed to helping Wyoming real estate agents create successful businesses 

The 90 Days To Success Program

For newly licensed agents under 2M in volume sold

We offer a simple, comprehensive program to all our new agents so that their business doesn't skip a beat from license and listing transfer to SOI notification and advertising when transferring from another real estate office. 

Our program includes a complete business jump-start plan designed to help you…


Our program includes a complete business jump-start plan designed to help you…

  • Get two listings under contract within 30 days

  • Activate your sphere of influence to generate leads no matter what market we’re in

  • Convert leads into buyers and sellers like a pro

  • Successfully balance your time, money and resources to prevent burnout

Once you’ve established predictable business, our leadership team supports you by helping you…

  • Identify your personal and professional goals

  • Create direct, easy-to-follow business and marketing plans

  • Grow your leadership and business skills with one-on-one business coaching

The Wealth Builder Compensation Program

We're in the business of building legacies and leaders. We have programs for every stage of a real estate agent's career. 

For our top-producing agents, we offer partnership packages with exclusive commission splits and the opportunity to build your future with the company’s success. The Wealth Builder program helps our top-tier agents continue to build their careers while taking greater ownership of the company they work for.
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