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Meet our rockstar team

The Coldwell Banker Leadership Team exists to provide our real estate agents with the tools, education, leadership and culture for a successful real estate career. We are committed to continual improvement and strive for excellence.

JOSH K.png

Josh “JK” Kalinowski

CEO & Fearless Leader. Achiever.

Always summer-ready.

Josh, “JK” leads our family through the ups and downs and empowers our leaders to build each of the companies. Josh began our firm because he knew there had to be a better way to do real estate than what he experienced as an agent. Josh created The Legacy Group: a company focused on helping agents succeed in order to leave a lasting impact. So get ready to be pushed and challenged to level up because Josh is an expert in doing hard shit on purpose and loving it (Icebaths, 75 Hard, Spartan races, you name it!). Every Tuesday, experience the most motivational moment of your week with a fresh “Josh talk” to close out our office meeting. Josh is always finding new ways to challenge us to reach new levels of success in our business, relationships and fitness. Although Josh is a pretty busy guy - most of the day you’ll see him in the halls, on a Zoom call or in a meeting - he always makes time to help you out when you need it. Josh will invest in you and challenge you to believe in your worth and ability to succeed and go after what you want in life. 

James Rivera

Responsible Broker. Chicken Farmer. Goat Dad. 1st Amendment enthusiast.

James is focused on helping agents at all stages of their careers grow their business, as well as recruiting more wonderful humans to join our blue family. If you find yourself in a tricky real estate sich, call James! James is an expert in knowing how to navigate contracts and the craziest of real estate transactions. Also known for his snarky humor and over-wearing vests, when he’s not running laps around the building, he’s on the phone with agents or building his ranch legacy with his wife and sweetheart, Mandy. (Who, by the way, specializes in creating wowing closing gift baskets for your clients, just so you know). If you have any real estate or chicken-farming questions or want to know how to use a pocket knife, James is your guy.

Misty Geer new headshot crop.jpeg

Misty Fogg

Director of Systems and Compliance. Office counselor. “Roz”. Enneagram expert.

Meet Misty: the work mom we all need. Misty is our sweet and caring peacemaker who facilitates smooth relationships and systems company-wide. When she’s not making sure our systems are running smoothly, she’s coaching our staff to become better leaders. Want to celebrate? Talk to Misty. Feeling down? Talk to Misty. Need advice? Talk to Misty. Have issues with the fill-in-the-blank program? Talk to Misty. Always ready to listen and provide positive solutions, Misty is a John C Maxwell Certified Coach. She also specializes in all things Enneagram, a personality classification system. She will tell you your number and she will know your soul in two seconds. When she’s not at work, she’s dreaming she’s at the beach, spending time with her family or binging Big Bang Theory. 

M’Kayla Geer

Systems Specialist. Singer. Kitty mama.

M’Kayla specializes in implementing new systems from corporate like CB Desk and Moxi as well as local programs like Skyslope. Lost your password? M’Kayla can help! M’Kayla also helps with onboarding and will make sure you get your headshot, business cards and etc. taken care of. One of her favorite company events is the $10K Giveaway because so many people come together and have a great time. When she's not at work, M’Kayla likes to watch movies with her cats Kali and Karuma or paint.

M'kayla Geer4_edited.jpg

BJ Mandeville

Office Manager, Buffalo office. Conference phone tester. Introvert.

BJ is the Buffalo office’s office manager. He enjoys helping agents with a little bit of everything and crunching numbers for Mary. He is patient and level-headed and specializes in providing comic relief in tense moments and has an affinity for gummy worms. He has six fur babies: three dogs Max,  Zeah and Doodle, and three cats, Athos, Aramis and Bubbles. When he’s not working, his favorite place to be is camping anywhere, or Vegas. A classic introvert, BJ enjoys books, video games and sleeping.

Mary Lopez

Accountant. Numbers lady. Mimi.

Mary specializes in all things financial. She supports all the companies especially Coldwell Banker by assisting with closings, and invoices and making sure you get paid on time. Mary loves her job for the peeps and challenges to learn new things and better ways to streamline. As the numbers lady, she contributes the voice of reason and keeps it real. When she's not working, she is playing with the grandkids, catching up on cleaning and completing puzzles (preferably with whiskey).

Mary Lopez new headshot crop.jpeg
Essence Square.png

Essence Koch

Fur Baby Mama. Director of First Impressions. 

Essence is our bright and shining director of first impressions. She enjoys seeing everyone’s face when they walk in or out of the building of the Casper office. Her favorite part is helping whenever she’s needed. Essence helps out with everything from lockboxes to making popcorn. One important task she helps agents with is scheduling tax letters so their clients have the right information. When she’s not at work, she’s eating Chinese food and dreaming of going to a concert or taking care of her many furry friends.

Tammy Escarsega

Compliance & File Administrator. Animal whisperer. “Roze”. 

Tammy is our transaction coordinator and “Roz”s super sweet sister: Roze. Her role is focused on making sure we stay compliant with the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. She watches out for errors in your paperwork and works to keep us organized and on track for closings. Although she takes her job very seriously, Tammy loves to have fun. Her favorite part of her job is engaging with people. Tammy joined our family in 2017 and has since then moved to Texas with her husband. She loves vacationing in the south and spending time with her family - especially her grandkids.

Tammy Escarsega3.jpg

Tanner Vivian

CB Investments Director. Social Butterfly. At the lake.

Everybody loves Tanner. As the head of our CB Investments division, Tanner focuses on a commercial investment strategy for the company. He is rarely in his office; he’s usually wandering the halls or hogging the massage chair. Tanner is a great friend, supporter, and advocate of our culture and is always ready to help out when needed. Tanner’s favorite part about working here is building relationships. Unsurprisingly, his favorite company event is the CB socials where he gets to spend time with the work fam. When he’s not working, he’s at the lake camping with family and friends or dreaming of Cancun.

Jill Kamber-Knox

Ambassador of the Heart & Soul Division. Yogi instructor. Harley Davidson endorser.

Jill is our good vibes director for all things heart and soul. Her favorite part of real estate is helping people find their very first home. She loves seeing her buyer’s faces when they find "The One" and when Sellers accept THAT offer! Jill is skilled in problem-solving, negotiation and positivity. As the MLS & Casper Board expert, Jill keeps us up-to-date on all things official. The loves of her life are two fur babies: Jaxson "Jax" Mitchell Knox and Emmie Mae Knox. Some of her favorite things are sunshine, meditation, compliments, good times and music! When she's not working, she's vacationing at a beach, visiting her son, or riding Harleys with her husband. Someday, she would like to own a yoga studio and wellness center.


Kristen Galles

Real Estate Jedi. Event Coordinator Extraordinaire. Lives for adventure.

Kris is our event ringleader and rallier for all our social and cultural events. She is excellent at fostering relationships and helps continue steering our company in a positive direction through culture and community involvement. Kris helps coordinate important events such as our Christmas party and Year In Review, and works hard to make sure everyone has a kickass time. Always willing to help out where needed, she makes herself available to help newer agents through the process of finding success in this industry. When she's not working, she is investing in her friends and family. Her life motto is: life is an adventure.

Rebecca Ruano

Broker & Property Manager. Mom. Thrift queen. 

Rebecca is all things property management. What she enjoys most about our company is getting to hang out with her friends - at work! She can help guide you or your client with any questions about rental properties, leases, tenants, and more! When she’s not at work, she enjoys reading, watching TV (preferably real-life crime shows) with her adorable Wickett, and hanging out with her kids.

LPM Main Landscape Color.png
Rebecca Ruano Headshot crop.jpeg

Jess Bowlby

Tenant Relations. Carhart hat queen. Best CB barista ever.

Jess is our go-to helper for all things tenant relations. Jess helps out with our property management company as well as making delicious lattes for our Wednesday morning Coffee & Conundrums. As Legacy Property Management’s tenant relations manager, she helps address all maintenance concerns, request and makes sure move-in and move-out goes smoothly. When she’s not at work she enjoys the outdoors, the sun and music. Hardworking and always willing to help out wherever she’s needed, Jess is a great friend and team member.

LPM Main Landscape Color.png
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